a few recent projects


Simonato Italy

For our client Simonato in Italy, we developed a unique sleeving line with sleeving and tray filling machines. To maintain Simonato’s high quality, every plant is manually checked before sleeving. The employee places the plant in a special cup that does stabilize not only the pot, but also the plant. We adjusted the sleeving machine to Simonato’s award-winning sleeves for perfect presentation.

Our automatic tray filler is completely integrated into the sleeving line and integrated with our tray denester. Filled trays are buffered and ready for transport. The complete line shifts between tray and sleeve sizes by the push of a button.

  • 1600 plants per hour (can be up to 2000 in other cases)

  • Different sleeve and tray sizes

  • Adjustable to paper sleeves

  • Modular integration with other Crea-Tech machines, such as;

    • Pickup robot
    • Camera sorting
    • Trolley loader
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