• Complete packing lines

Complete Lines


From sorting pots of different sizes into trays, to sleeving and labeling plants. And from filling boxes, to placing plants on trolleys. We realize the full, completely automatic process for you! CREATIVE SOLUTIONS All of our machines and robots can be integrated within one complete packing line to your wishes and needs. We are good at creating new machinery or programming robots specifically for that one part of [...]

  • Palletizing robots



Of course, palletizing can be done manually, but did you know it is very easy to add a robot to your packing line that does this for you? Well that is, if you let us install it. PRECISE AND EASY Crea-Tech can implement robot arms at the end of your packing line, programmed to reliably palletize your produce. There are different options available for palletizing, from simply doing [...]

  • Boxing machines



For a fast, reliable and constant filling of boxes with processed pots, six-packs or trays, Crea-Tech provides several types of boxing machines. MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC Our Lantech box erector presents the boxes to either a manual filling position, where a mix can be placed in the box. Or to an automatic dropping system, where the trays with plants are delicately dropped into the box. ADJUSTED TO [...]

  • Tray filling robots



With our filling machines, trays are automatically de-stacked, transported onto a conveyor belt and filled with pots using a robot arm. Using the tray filler, you can realize significant time and labour reduction! EXTREMELY RELIABLE Crea-Tech has extremely reliable tray stacker/destackers. With the destacker, you can place a simple buffer belt in front of it, so it automatically fills itself when the stack position is empty. [...]

  • Loading machines



Loading and unloading trolleys can be a heavy task for humans, but a robot thinks nothing of it. Crea-Tech develops several loading and unloading machines, adjusted to your use of pots, trays or six-packs, or trolleys of different types, or completely flexible robots. HIGH-SPEED AND SILENT Crea-Tech developed a loading system for Dutch lavender grower Liebeton. The system takes the plants from a forklift fed belt and places [...]



Sleeve labeling can be labor-intensive and monotone work. Crea-Tech created a solution to improve the labeling process. We proudly present the Sleeve Labeler, a solution to improve the output and speed up the pace. OUTPUT AND SPEED The sleeve labeler has several options to fulfil your specific needs. For example, an extra applicator can be added to apply a second label, or to print directly onto the sleeve. [...]

  • Placing machine



At Bunnik Vriesia's, Crea-Tech employed two of the finest pick & place robots out there. Built with strength and endurance, Bromelia & Guzmania handle anything that comes their way. FAST AND PRECISE Bromelia and Guzmania, named after monocot flowering plants, are designed to handle these kind of situations because of their controlled handling to avoid damage. STRENGTH AND REACH No challenge is too big for this [...]



A sleeving machine can easily be integrated with your company's existing packaging lines or we can also provide a complete packing line. Our sleeving machine is always adjusted to your needs. FAST AND PRECISE Crea-Tech developed a new sleeving machine in 2020, specially developed for top-heavy, unstable plants. The plants are manually placed in high carriers which are mounted on a motor-driven chain. The plant then drops through [...]