With our filling machines, trays are automatically de-stacked, transported onto a conveyor belt and filled with pots using a robot arm. Using the tray filler, you can realize significant time and labour reduction!


Crea-Tech has extremely reliable tray stacker/destackers. With the destacker, you can place a simple buffer belt in front of it, so it automatically fills itself when the stack position is empty.


We use different systems for placing pots into the tray. This depends on the situation.

  1. Stable plants; the line consists of a step belt, trapdoors and a pusher.
  2. High-speed situation; the line has a gantry robot and fills several trays at the same time.
  3. Unstable plants and/or different trays; the line includes a Scara robot which places the plants in the tray one by one.
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