Loading and unloading trolleys can be a heavy task for humans, but a robot thinks nothing of it. Crea-Tech develops several loading and unloading machines, adjusted to your use of pots, trays or six-packs, or trolleys of different types, or completely flexible robots.


Crea-Tech developed a loading system for Dutch lavender grower Liebeton. The system takes the plants from a forklift fed belt and places the pots into a single line conveyor belt towards a high-speed tray filler. Here, a Gantry system picks up one line of plants and places them into four trays at the same time.


The loading line has a trolley loader that can handle pots, six-packs and trays, even when the plates of the trolley are damaged. The special stainless steel plate of the loader moves the products onto the trolley, after which they are pushed off onto the trolley plate. After the trolley is filled, the loader automatically takes the next-to-be-loaded trolley.

Lavender packing line
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