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Tray spacing USA

When the plants have grown enough they will need more space to grow. The cart can be manually placed into a Crea-Tech cart unloader, the cart will move to the robot position where a robotic arm will take four Crea-Spacer trays (a whole layer) out of the cart and put these on a conveyor. The trays will move to a pusher and will be pushed to a conveyor where the Crea-Spacer is erected. The trays will then move further to the tray table loader where the trays are loaded onto tables. When full tables will move to a multilayer system (Bosman Van Zaal).

  • Compleet and tailor-made
  • Automatically place young plants wider

  • Automated solution

  • Very silent and low failure rate

  • Internal transport

  • Suitable for updates and expansion

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