Ronald Moerings Foundation

Ronald Moerings Foundation

May 24, 2022

Members of the Ronald Moerings Foundation gathered last Friday to listen to physician-researcher Jessica Borgers from the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. She shared one of the latest studies on immunotherapy and melanoma cancer. A study made possible by the Ronald Moerings Foundation.

The Ronald Moerings Foundation consists of (green) entrepreneurs who contribute directly to the AvL, through the AvL Foundation. In this way, every euro goes directly to cancer research. Once a year the members are updated on the latest developments and how the money is spent. This time this took place at nursery VDE Plant in Woubrugge, where the members also received an interactive tour and had the opportunity to network.

During the meeting, two introducers signed up as new participants. Are you a company interested in also contributing to this necessary goal? Then visit for more information.



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