Open day Ronald Moerings Foundation

Open day Ronald Moerings Foundation

November 15, 2019

Our annual visit to the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (AVL) Cancer hospital this year was Friday, 15 November. We (Henk and Paul) arrived at 3:30 pm at the AVL hospital, where the staff of the AVL hospital kindly welcomed us. After catching up with our fellow sponsors of the Ronald Moerings Foundation while enjoying coffee and some pastries, the introduction started with announcing the amount of money raised this year. Two different initiatives brought together about € 9,000, the cycling friends who cycled to Munich this year have raised € 11,000, and the foundation brought together € 135,000. Altogether, this year ended up with a total of € 155,000. A great result!

Followed by an introduction from AVL, which stated how vital the sponsorship of the Dutch Cancer Society is. Financing cancer research consists of only 1/3 of government funding and 2/3 of sponsors. Subsequently, the effect of hormones on tumours was explained. A group picture was taken and some drinks and a snack were enjoyed. After about 1 ½ drinks, the group left to visit the Crea-Tech headquarters.

The Crea-Tech team welcomed everyone with a drink and a bite. After an introduction by Henk and a video by Paul, the visitors managed to get an idea of of the different thing we are doing. In this case, the example was our cake pops project in the USA. The group consisting of about 60 people was divided in four and enjoyed a guided tour through our facility. Arjan, Jeroen, and Robin operated several machines to showcase, the Grow & Roll containers were explained by Carlo, and the Crea-Tech setup for Roma nova was demonstrated by Hidde and Jeff.

After the tour, everyone gathered in the cafeteria, where a great buffet was served. Altogether, it was a very successful evening, everyone was impressed by what they saw, and of the possibilities that our company and Bosman Van Zaal offer. Paul van der Salm said a word of thanks on behalf of the Foundation, and after that, we had a nice drink and conversation. We would like to thank everyone who made this possible and especially those who were present on their Friday night!


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